Thank you for your interest, but there is no bank of external volunteers for the Fondation Bon départ. The foundation is fortunate to be part of the great Canadian Tire family and it is the teams from the various stores in Québec who participate in our activities as volunteers: annual tasks at the Base de plein air Bon départ, the Journée Bon départ, annual golf tournament, …

Thank you for your interest. There are several options available to you to make a donation to the foundation. You will find all the details in the “Make a donation” section of the website.

To find out where the foundation’s funding comes from, we invite you to consult the financial statements, which you will find in the annual report.

Donations allow the foundation to implement two important programs to help vulnerable children and families in Québec: the program of donations to charitable organizations across Québec and the camp and respite programs at its Base de plein air Bon départ. Consult the foundation’s annual report for full details.

Thank you for your interest in organizing a fundraising activity for the foundation. We invite you to visit the page “Create your fundraising event” for full details.

Bon départ / Jumpstart program

If your request is sport-related, i.e., for sports equipment or assistance with individual sports registration, we invite you to check if it is for the national program team instead:

Bon départ / Jumpstart