The situation surrounding COVID-19 is forcing us to dramatically revise our ways of doing things. Many fundraising activities had to be canceled or postponed. Unfortunately, all Foundation camps and respites at the Bon Départ Camp are also canceled for the moment. Our donation program to organizations has also been temporarily suspended since October 6, 2020.

Owner of the Base de plein air Bon départ for the last 20 years

The foundation has owned the Base de plein air Bon départ for 20 years and offers nearly 1,000 free respite stays and vacation camps there each year. The Base de plein air is full of activities throughout the year.

Located in Wentworth-Nord in the Laurentians and certified by the Association des camps du Québec, with a 4-star rating, the Base de plein air welcomes school groups, families, businesses, associations and community organizations, young people from all over Québec, as well as a clientele with special needs.

Two programs entirely paid for by the foundation

Foundation vacation camps, for children 6 to 14 years old

With this program, the Fondation Bon départ gives young people the opportunity to experience summer and winter camps. In order to participate in this camp free of charge, youth must be referred by a CISSS/CIUSSS or an organization dedicated to youth. The youth selected will have the chance to experience a dream stay, with the costs of transportation, meals, entertainment and lodging being entirely financed by the foundation.

Respite and camp for special needs clients

This program is intended for children aged 6 to 21 and adults aged 22 and over, living with an intellectual disability (ID), an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a mental health problem or a multi-disability. It has been offered free of charge to everyone since 2019.

The camper’s experience

The Fondation Bon départ offers a memorable camp experience. The camper is supervised from beginning to end, ensuring a quality stay. The foundation offers free transportation (by plane or bus), lodging, a camper kit including a sleeping bag, clothing, balanced meals, supervision by qualified counsellors and facilitators, … The camp’s program encourages the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits through the practice of sports and outdoor activities, as well as culinary and nutrition workshops. A stay at the Base de plein air Bon départ is more than just a camp experience.

IN 2019-2020

$1,433,979 from the foundation for camps and site maintenance

This annual amount is used to pay for free camp and respite stays at our Base de plein air Bon départ, as well as maintenance costs for the buildings and the 539-acre site.

The Base de plein air in 2019

18,294 overnight stays / 26,907 days

Camps 2019

650 stays offered free of charge

Respite 2019

256 stays offered free of charge

Testimonials from Campers

20 years of camps, 20 years of wilderness fun

Located in Wentworth-Nord in the Laurentians, the Base de plein air Bon départ covers 539 acres with access to five lakes, numerous streams, observation points and several kilometres of hiking trails in the woods. Beach, zip line, archery, indoor skating rink, synthetic soccer field, climbing tower, adventure trail, canoe, kayak, rabaska, hiking trail, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are just a few of the facilities and activities offered at this enchanting site.

Rigorous Mentoring and Recognized Expertise

Certified by the Association des camps du Québec, the Base de plein air Bon départ meets more than 60 standards such as counsellor/child ratio, menus approved by a nutritionist, buildings that meet safety standards, etc. Youth are divided into groups according to their age and gender, supervised by our counsellors, all of whom undergo rigorous mandatory training. In addition, a team of specialists, facilitators and coordinators support the groups. Meals and snacks are prepared by a nutritionist and respect the dietary needs noted in the camper’s file. Trained first aid personnel are on site to administer medication and treat minor injuries.

An ongoing mission

Formerly known as Perce-Neige, the camp belonged to the Louis-H. Lafontaine Hospital. When it was acquired in 2000, the Fondation Bon départ made a commitment to maintain the camp’s vocation, which was to offer services for people with special needs.

For more information

For more information on the programs offered at the Base de plein air Bon départ, we invite you to visit the Base de plein air website. There you will find all the details concerning the various services.

Visit the Base de plein air website