The situation surrounding COVID-19 is forcing us to dramatically revise our ways of doing things. Considering the cancellation of the majority of our fundraising activities since the start of the pandemic and the pressure and uncertainty this creates on our annual budget, the board of directors made the decision on the October 6th 2020, to temporarily suspend our donation program to organizations.

In this context, we will not accept any new request from organizations. You will still find the procedures on this page, but the documents to complete an application are no longer available. We will notify you as soon as the program resumes. Visit this page regularly for up-to-date information.

You would like to submit a request for a donation as a Québec charitable organization?

That’s great! Before you start, make sure

  • that your organization is a charity registered with the Canada Revenue Agency
  • that your project meets the foundation’s mission, which is to improve the quality of life of children and their families, in particular by contributing to the development of healthy lifestyles and to their well-being
  • to familiarize yourself with the selection criteria and timeline

Thank you for your interest

Donation Allocation Policy

In the interest of fairness and transparency, the Board of Directors of the Fondation Bon départ de Canadian Tire du Québec has established a Donations Committee and adopted a set of formal selection criteria. As a result, we are able to rigorously oversee the selection and management of all the donations we make.

The foundation’s Donations Committee reviews donation requests submitted by registered charities whose programs are dedicated to helping children and families in need.

In order to be eligible for a Fondation Bon départ grant, the organization must

  • be duly registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (9-digit CRA registration number ending with RR 0001)
  • be a Quebecer or a Canadian with Québec roots
  • demonstrate sound management and be non-controversial
  • have clear rules of internal governance and administration
  • be able to provide a receipt for tax purposes for the amount of the donation given
  • Organizations not registered with the Canada Revenue Agency
  • Individual requests (from individuals) and individual projects.
  • Applications for playgrounds (schoolyards, municipalities)
  • Requests for medical research and/or hospital medical equipment, including direct medical care (purchase of medication, medical and biological devices or products)
  • Financing or debt reduction campaigns
  • Requests covering general operating and commercial expenses, as well as administrative salaries
  • Advertising and/or promotional events
  • International organizations or organizations providing assistance outside Québec, including humanitarian aid missions
  • Political parties or parties engaged in political activities
  • Lobbying and advocacy groups
  • Conferences or annual meetings
  • Social clubs, religious organizations or organizations involved in discrimination of any kind

In order to give as many and as wide a variety of organizations as possible a chance, the Fondation Bon départ de Canadian Tire du Québec has established a donation allocation procedure based on the following principles:

  • only one donation is made to a single organization each year
  • the donation is payable in a single instalment, upon presentation of all invoices
  • renewal of the donation is not automatic from year to year and each new request must be submitted for evaluation
  • the donation cannot be committed for more than one year

Once the foundation receives your completed application, an acknowledgement of receipt will be issued

If your application is approved:

  • you and your sponsor (Canadian Tire Dealer) will receive a letter confirming the amount of your donation allocated
  • you will then be able to make your purchases
  • Once your purchases have been made within the prescribed time frame, you will need to send us your proofs of purchase, clearly indicating the item number on the requirement list on the invoice to facilitate verification
  • Once your invoices have been verified, the foundation will then issue a cheque that will be hand-delivered to you by your sponsor (Canadian Tire Dealer)

If your application is denied:

  • you and your sponsor (Canadian Tire Dealer) will receive a letter explaining the Donation Committee’s decision

Project Status Report

  • At the end of your project, we ask you to complete the Activity Report. Without receipt of this report, your organization will not be eligible for future requests

The Donations Committee will only evaluate applications:

  • oriented to and consistent with the foundation’s mission to improve the quality of life of children and their families, particularly by contributing to the development of healthy lifestyle habits and their well-being
  • requiring minimal administration on the part of the Fondation Bon départ
  • favouring the purchase of materials and/or equipment that will directly help the beneficiaries
  • including all of the above-mentioned supporting documents
  • completed and submitted within the deadlines. All incomplete applications received after the deadlines will not be submitted to the Donations Committee

Procedure to follow

  • A completed official donation request form sponsored by a Canadian Tire Dealer. The request must be signed by the Canadian Tire Dealer/Owner and not the Executive Director
  • A cover letter briefly and clearly describing the request on organization letterhead
  • The most recent report of the organization’s activities or documentation presenting the organization (mission, profile, clientele served)
  • The “List of Needs” form. A detailed list of the material and/or equipment required, indicating the price and code corresponding to each item. You must also include quotes if applicable. Please note that only the items identified on the list of needs will be accepted by the foundation
  • A copy of the organization’s most recent financial statements
  • A copy of the letters patent from the Registraire des entreprises du Québec and the organization’s charter
  • A copy of the letter of notification of registration issued by the Canada Revenue Agency (letter giving the organization’s charitable number)

Before sending your application, please make sure you have met with the Canadian Tire Dealer nearest to your organization and presented your project

  • Completed all the fields of the form
  • Had the Canadian Tire Dealer sign the donation request form
  • Had the form signed by the organization’s representative
  • Included a cover letter clearly and briefly explaining your request
  • Included the latest copy of your organization’s activity report or presentation materials
  • Completed list of requirements
  • Included your latest financial statements
  • Included your Letters Patent
  • Included your letter of notification of registration issued by the Canada Revenue Agency
  • Made a copy of your application for your records

Send the completed form in editable PDF format (without the Dealer’s signature), as well as the requirements list form in Excel format to

Have questions?

For any questions regarding donation requests, contact Martine Desjardins, Donations Coordinator, by phone at 514 693-6467 or by email at

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